Grid-It Cocoon Bags

Grid-It Cocoon Bags

One thing laptop owners have against their laptop bag is that – yes it protects your laptop – but it just can’t help keep you organized. The most common scenario is you’ll find your cords all tangled up at the bottom of the bag, or having to unzip several pockets before you can find your spare battery.

Fortunately someone at Cocoon heard our collective sighs of frustration and came up wit the Grid It laptop bag.

Grid It is designed with a panel that has interwoven rubberized elastic strips to hold your various gadgets and/or laptop accessories. Grid It also has a removable 15" Neoprene screen, which is ideal for when you need to switch bags. The panel itself – the Grid It sheet – can be purchased by itself or along with a laptop bag of your choice. Depending on your needs, Grid It will set you back anywhere from $30 to $130. Grid It is available at Cocoon.

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