Gresso's Symphonia MP3 Players

Gresso Symphonia mp3 player

And so comes another electronic gadget catering to those with money to spend. Not only has the luxury products market entered into the realm of the electronic gadgets, they come in with a splash. Not only there are luxury mobile phones, laptops, PDA’s now available that also double as status symbols of luxury and elegance for its owners, even mp3’s have been included in the fold.

Gresso Ltd., a company known for their luxurious line of mobile phones made out of exotic African Blackwood and gold with diamonds to boot, has come out with its line of luxury mp3 players. Dubbed as the Gresso Symphonia, this line of unique mp3 players is made out for those people who look for exceptional craftsmanship and design in the gadgets that they wish to buy.

The Gresso Symphonia is available in four different models, according to the design tastes and preference of its user. There is a model made from African Blackwood and White Gold, one from Blackwood and Pink Gold, one of White Gold and the last, of Pink Gold. The Gresso Symphonia mp3 players are shaped in squares and measure a petite 39 x 39 x 10.5 mm in size. This diminutive mp3 player, encased in luxurious material for its casing, is ideal to even be worn as jewelry.

The Gresso Symphonia also features a patented scratch-resistant covering for its flat keyboard. Icons on the player’s buttons have been fashioned by an ultra-precise laser. This luxurious mp3 player comes with 1 Gigabyte’s worth of internal flash memory and supports mp3, wma, asf and ogg music formats. It also comes with its own FM tuner already built in.

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