Gresso Avantegarde Luxury Mobile Phone

gresso luxury mobile phone

Russian company Gresso is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-end mobile phones. For the past few years, they have produced several collections of mobile phones that made it to the list of the highest-priced in the world.

Late last year, Gresso unveiled its latest mobile phones in a new collection aptly named Avantgarde, which is the French term for ‘ahead of the time.’ Composed of two mobile phones, the collection is said to have set new standards in the world-wide market of mobile phone luxury. The two mobile phones in the Avantgarde collection, named Luna and Sol, are made of gold and African Blackwood. The LCD screens use sapphire crystal glass, while keypads are reinforced with scratch resistant titanium covering. The phones are ultraslim, only 14 mm thick.

Powered by Windows Mobile 6, the mobile phones in the Avantgarde line can support vital mobile computing business software, such as Outlook and Pocket MSN. These elegant, stylish phones also feature Bluetooth compatibility, PC synchronization, MP3 player, and a built-in 2-megapixel camera. What makes the Gresso Avantgarde collection more exiciting is the use of Roman numerals to mark the keypads, which is a first in mobile phones.

With all these features, it is not surprising that the collection comes with a hefty price tag. The Gresso Avantgarde Sol, which has a keypad made entirely of gold, is marked at around $11,000. While the Gresso Avantgarde Luna is priced at $8,000, as only the arrow keys of the keypad are made of gold. A great mix of innovative technology, exclusive design, and rare materials make the Gresso Avantgarde collection truly ahead of the times.


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