Greensens Smart Houseplant Sensors

Keeping plants may be similar to taking care of pets. While they may be easier to care for since they just stay in one place, things can also get out of hand with neglect. You need to monitor their growth as well as keep track of when you need to water them. You can get better at taking good care of your houseplants with the Greensens Smart Houseplant Sensors.

The Greensens Smart Houseplant Sensors helps you keep track of the condition of your houseplants at all times. The sensor can measure different factors that affect the health of your plants. It can monitor ambient temperature, soil moisture, as well as light conditions. The information is then sent to your smartphone via an accompanying app that can determine how your plants are doing. The sensor connects to your smartphone app via a WLAN USB hub that you can plug into any permanently powered USB port. You can connect up to 10 sensors into a single hub to monitor just as many houseplants at the same time.

The Greensens Smart Houseplant Sensors and app can tell you what your plants need in order to thrive. You need not worry about the sensors running out of batteries since they get their power from the sun.  These sensors can give you a better means of knowing how your houseplants are doing. The Greensens Smart Houseplant Sensors are available for pre-order on Kickstarter for around $29 for a Starter Set. This includes 3 plant sensors and one WLAN Hub. The sensors are expected to be available through shipping around January of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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