Green House Video Note Fridge Magnet

Technology has the means to help care for the planet even in the smallest and simplest ways possible. Even a simple task as leaving paper notes containing instructions or reminders on the fridge door can amount to considerable trash after sometime. A simple yet modern alternative would be to do away with the paper and record messages on video instead. That is what this unique Green House Video Note Fridge Magnet can provide.

It may look like a simple device but the Green-House GH-DM14M Video Note Fridge Magnet may actually be quite useful for a busy household where getting in touch with other family members generally happens around the fridge door. Having this Video Note Fridge Magnet around may help provide a more personal video message that may even be more effective in getting the point across to whom they are being addressed to.

Video messages up to 30 seconds long can be recorded with the built-in camera and mic on the device. A LED light lits up whenever there is a new message available and can be viewed on a 1.44 inch screen. This digital memo magnet contain a rechargeable battery that can be recharged via a USB port. It is available at GeekStuff4Ufor 5,980 Japanese Yen. That would be around US$66.

Image Source: GeekStuff4U

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