Green House Saltwater Powered LED Lantern

A handy light torch or lantern is essential every time you need to spend time outdoors overnight. It provides some much needed light where one is needed. But there can also be problems if the batteries they come with are all used up before they can even be effectively utilized. It would become useless if you did not bring any extra batteries along with the trip. In order to avoid such a predicament, you might consider bringing the Saltwater Powered LED Lantern from Green House instead.

Green House is coming out with a unique LED lantern that is powered mainly by saltwater. This LED lantern comes with its own special water bag where users can mix in salt and water. The saltwater acts as an electrolyte solution that creates electricity via the set of magnesium and carbon rods found within the lantern that acts as the positive and negative electrodes.

A bag of saline solution can be enough to power the LED lantern for up to eight hours. Its magnesium rod can provide up to 120 hours of electricity generation before they need to be replaced. This unique Saltwater Powered LED Lantern from Green House is expected to be available by mid-September. No pricing details have yet been provided.

Image Source: TechOn

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