Green House Pico Drive N Flash Drive

USB flash drives have become quite common nowadays. But there are still others who need a little bit more security since it can also be easy for others to access data via USB flash drives. It is a better option for USB flash drives to have security features like the new Pico Drive N Flash Drive from Green House.

The Pico Drive N USB Flash Drive from Green House comes in a variety of storage capacities and has just been updated with a 32GB version. This new Green House Pico Drive N also features a trial version of the 2011 Kaspersky Internet Security as protection from online threats. This USB flash drive also provides data protection via a password lock software for added security to files uploaded into the flash drive. The new 32GB Pico Drive N USB Flash Drive is now available at Green House for 6,480 Japanese Yen or around US$77.

Image Source: Green House

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