Green House Light Bulb USB Memory

Green House Light Bulb USB Memory

Even the most ordinary things can catch your attention if it looks unique. For example, USB flash drives have become common devices that almost any tech savvy person has at home or inside his pocket or bag. It certainly won’t be looked upon with surprise anymore. But design it like what Green House has done and you get yourself something of a unique device that “lights up” the mind, so to speak.

Almost anyone has seen a USB flash drive. But only a few may have seen one shaped like a working light bulb. Yes, that is how the Green House Light Bulb USB portable memory device tries to get your attention. It is shaped like a light bulb that actually lights up once you have it connected to any working USB port. The bulb blinks whenever data is being read or written on this flash drive. It has a 2GB storage capacity and is said to have a 480Mbps data transfer rate.  It is available in three light colors as blue, orange and green. Currently, it will be available by mid-January in Japan for around 4,850 Yen. That’s around US$53. You can check it out at Green House to see for yourself.

Image Source: Green House

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