GravityLight: Gravity Powered LED Light

Many people have somehow taken for granted the importance of light. If that is not the case, it seems that people have less appreciation for such necessities in life. Not so for those living in the developing world. Many people actually still do not have easy access to light and make do with those dangerous and costly kerosene lamps for light at night. People from the London-based design company Therefore has come up with GravityLight to help provide a light source in developing countries in need of it.

The GravityLight s a unique light source powered by the force of gravity. It features a light unit that comes with a hook where uses can place a weighted object. The lifted weight creates the energy to power up the light, thanks to gravity. The weight takes three seconds to life up and can provide up to 30 minutes for of light power for homes. It can also be used to light up porches and other areas of the home. But basically, the GravityLight is designed to help provide a source of light in countries in need of it. The designers of the unit have come up with the necessary fund in order to get the project to create the GravityLight started. According to their page at Indiegogo, you can contribute US$50 in order to send one GravityLight to a villager in a developing country as well as get one that you can use around the house as well.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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