Granny Smith Android Game App

There are game apps that offer stunning visuals. There are other game apps that provide exciting physics based game action. But not many offer both in a single game app. If you add both into a game app and put in a grandma with roller skates on, then you get the Granny Smith game app.

The Granny Smith game app for Android devices is a new and exciting physics based game where you play as a roller skating grandma trying to outrace a thief for the apples. The game is pretty simple with Granny Smith trying to outrace a thief also on roller skates from stealing her apples. Controls are simply based on Granny Smith jumping and control of her walking cane to hold on to things while in action. Just with that, you can help Granny Smith race through houses, crazy paths just to get to those apples and busting some crazy moves while Granny’s at it. The Granny Smith Android game app is available at Google Play for a $1 download.

Image Source: Google Play

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