Grado iGrado Street Style Headphones

Grado iGrado

Grado Labs has gone the other path in terms of designing headphones with its new iGrado street style headphones. Once known for their old school designs but technically superior audio sound, Grado has now come up with a headphone that can build up its own street cred with a more stylish and hip design.

The Grado iGrado freestyle headphone is going towards the path to attract the hip and cool audiophiles this time in addition to the company’s established client base.

The iGrado headphone actually is made for the low-end portable audio market. The stylish and lightweight headphones follow an open design composed of a single piece plastic neckband. It has light padded ear pieces fixed upon the neckband.

The headphone cord length is 44 inches with the tiny speakers having an impedance rating of 32 Ohms and a frequency response range from 20 to 20000 Hz. This makes the iGrado earphone good enough to bring along anywhere with style. They are available at HeadRoom for $49.00.

Image Source: HeadRoom

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