GP2X Wiz Handheld Game System

GP2X Wiz

With handheld game systems becoming one of the more popular gadgets around, it seems that there might be room for just one more player in the market. The GP2X Wiz handheld game system will try to make it quite interesting for sure.

The GP2X Wiz is a portable handheld game console being offered by Game Park Holdings. Although not quite on the level of other companies such as Nintendo or Sony, the company would try to make a name for itself by taking handheld gaming to open source. The GP2X Wiz features is similar to that of today’s more popular handheld consoles- available games, touch screen console, memory card support, multi-media player capabilities, etc.

In order to distinguish itself from the current crop of popular handheld consoles, the GP2X Wiz offers itself as a Linux based portable gaming console. Since its open source, it allows opportunities for outside developers to create new games for it. Its 533 MHz 3D accelerator and flash engine and 1GB flash memory makes it even more than enough to obtain newer games. But then, the price of US$180 might just be too high for a new handheld console to interest users.

Image Source: GlobalGPH

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