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off grid antenna

off grid antenna

Thanks to modern technology, the world has become more connected than ever. From the internet to the mobile networks people use, these technologies has allowed people to stay connected regardless of distance and location. It is now possible for people from opposite sides of the planet to connect at a touch of a button from a laptop or a smartphone. But despite all these, there are areas where the this connection can break off. Many location may still not be covered by networks for mobile phones or even by the World Wide Web. For people who wish to still be connected in some form in such areas, the new goTenna Off-Grid Text & GPS might be a good device to have along when going into blind spots  or areas with no connection.

The goTenna Off-Grid Text & GPS is a unique device that will allow you to still send text via your smartphone or pinpoint your area in places where mobile or online connections are non-existent. It makes use of VHF signals to allow you to connect and send text to another goTenna user. All you have to do is connect your goTenna Off-Grid Text & GPS to your smartphone via Bluetooth pairing. The antenna will then make use of the VHF signal range that extends for several miles to connect you to another goTenna user. It will allow you to send text or share GPS information when you are somewhere without adequate cellular and internet coverage.

The goTenna Off-Grid Text & GPS can come in handy during emergencies when communication is vital.  it is quite portable and will not be a hassle to carry. It can provide you with an essential alternative for people who frequent the outdoors, those who often travel to different places with limited cellular coverage or even for someone who live in an out-of-the-way location without cellular coverage. Since it connects with other goTennas, it is being sold in pairs, making sure that users will have at least another antenna to communicate with when the need arises. The goTenna Off-Grid Text & GPS is available as Amazon for $199 a pair.

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