GoSun Fusion Solar Electric Hybrid Oven

If you are the type who loves the outdoors, then you know that cooking your food can be an adventure in itself. It does not matter whether you hunt for what you eat when you go camping or bring with you prepared food. Cooking them outdoors can be a task in itself. From preparing the fire to cooking the food itself, the task can take some of the time. It is time you may be better off spending on other enjoyable tasks you have in mind. If you wish to take the work out of cooking outdoors, then you may consider bringing along this GoSun Fusion Solar Electric Hybrid Oven on your next outdoor adventure.

Solar And Electric Oven

The GoSun Fusion Solar Electric Hybrid Oven offers a unique, safe and eco-friendly way to prepare your meals when you are out camping. This oven makes use of the sun in order to produce temperatures hot enough to allow you to cook your food. You do not need to create a fire or find fuel to do that as well. With this solar and electric over hybrid, you only need the power of the sun to provide that for you.

Tech Inside

The GoSun Fusion Solar Electric Hybrid Oven makes use of more efficient solar thermal technology to provide heat for up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The technology features the use of vacuum tubes to provide more efficient thermal insulation to enable to harness the sun’s radiation like never before. And when the weather is cloudy or for nighttime cooking, this hybrid solar oven features a 150-watt heating element that can run on 12-volt power sources to allow for cooking. This makes it versatile enough of an oven to allow cooking at any time of the day.

The GoSun Fusion Solar Electric Hybrid Oven comes with a 3.2-liter cook tray that can cook food enough for five full meals at a time. It is also made out of lightweight, food-grade stainless steel.  With its good reflective properties and efficient design to harness solar radiation at the optimal level, this solar oven hybrid helps you prepare your food safely and with the least amount of work needed. It is ultra-portable and weighs only around 2 pounds, light enough to allow you to bring it along anywhere.

The GoSun Fusion Solar Electric Hybrid Oven is currently on a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. You can be one of the first early adopters to try it out for only $349. There are also other options available like adding a powerbank with your oven for just $449. The first batch of this hybrid solar oven is expected to ship sometime in April of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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