Gorenje iChef Oven Touch Control

The kitchen is also benefiting from technology. The kitchens in the future may no longer be the same as it used to be. You may be able to see what it may look like today with the likes of the Gorenje iChef.

The Gorenje iChef is set to make ovens go a step up with its new control module. The iChef provides the oven with its own large color touchscreen display that also contains a powerful computer control system to enable better control and cooking results to users. The iChef control systems allows users to over 30 cooking options available in an easy and simple interface. Usual menus can be programmed and stored in the iChef. The Gorenje iChef may just be the closest thing to having a smart oven in the kitchen. It is expected to be launched in the European market by spring.

Image Source: Gorenje

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