Google Wallet Introduces Money Transfers via Gmail

You know Google has anything else than its soon-to-be-released, expensive, likely-to-be-banned-in-some-states glasses the company tries to shove into us, right? Good, because the company has made three major announcements at its Google I/O developer conference that involve Google Wallet. One of which is allowing users to send and receive money from Google Wallet through email.

This new feature comes as Google aims to make the Google Wallet experience more usable to more people, since there are still places where NFC cannot be used and not every smartphone has that capability.

As for Google’s two other announcements, the company has issued application programming interfaces (APIs) that developers can use to access Google Wallet to streamline online shopping experience, as well as give users the ability to include any loyalty card in their Google Wallet account. Google hopes that developers can find ways to make purchases within Android apps and on the web more convenient for consumers, such as not having to re-enter payment information every single time. The software giant has also created APIs that developers can use to allow retailers to add quick access to loyalty cards and programs.

But the email payment functionality is arguable the most interesting of the lot, as Google makes digital payments as easy as attaching a photo or document in an email.

Although this function will currently available on Gmail’s desktop version, its users can send money to those who do not have a Gmail account. It is free to send money if the user’s bank account is linked to their Google Wallet prepaid account. Meanwhile, service fees apply for sending money using a Google Wallet-linked credit card or debit card.

To start sending and receiving money, users should first set up a Google Wallet account. To send money via Gmail, users have to hover over the paperclip icon and wait for various attachment options to appear. They then click the “$” icon to attach money to their email, enter the amount they wish to send, and press Send.

Sending money through phone would require users to go to Google Wallet’s mobile site ( Note that this email money transfer currently only accepts money sent from within the United States, and is only available for Gmail users in the U.S. over the age of 18.

Google has also developed a system that deals with security issues when sending money through email. The Google Wallet Purchase Protection Plan covers users 100 percent against eligible unauthorized payments. The company assures Google Wallet users that no actual account information is transferred through email.

Source: CNET

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