Google TV Unveiled

Apart from Android Froyo, Google also announced its newest venture: Google TV, which is their attempt of incorporating its web prowess to a medium that connects to four billion viewers worldwide.

Unlike previous attempts on WebTV, Google TV promises that viewers can now spend less time searching for shows and more time watching them. It also allows users more ways to personalize content and make bring the fun of watching videos online into the bigger screen.

Google TV, which will run on Android 2.1, works by purchasing a new box that users hook up on their existing cable or satellite box. This new box also comes with a keyboard and mouse, but it will work with Android devices as well—either by typing or even voice search. There are also plans of providing Google TV-integrated screens in the future.

Instead of the old-fashioned searching for TV shows by the time slot, users can now search for their favorite programs just like how they search in the Internet. Type the program on the search box and all the available time slots, networks, and websites are displayed in an instant.

Google TV can also be used to browse the World Wide Web thanks to its Chrome browser and even lets users to view their photo and video albums on a bigger screen.

It has already partnered with multiple manufacturers. Sony will son have TVs and Blu-ray players infused with Google TV, while Logitech will provide a companion box. Google TV has also collaborated with Dish Network for an enhanced experience for its subscribers, as well as retail partnership with Best Buy.

Expect Google TV to be launched in Fall 2010, while the platform will be launched for developers beginning 2011.

Source: TechCrunch

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