Google TV Demoed in Sony HDTV

Best Buy gave a sneak peek of Google TV during its press event a few hours ago. The online TV service was presented together with its first compatible HDTV, the Sony NSX-46GT1. In the demonstration, Google TV was installed using a wireless USB Internet dongle that is connected to the HDTV’s rear jack. Take note that the actual product comes with a stand-alone box provided by Logitech.

Google TV, as promoted, provides streaming content from a long list of TV channels and other content providers. It also allows the users to browse the Internet through Google Chrome browser using the Sony’s remote control or an iPhone/ Android smart phone as navigation. Users can even surf online while watching TV through a window on the lower right-hand corner.

Another feature is the TV search function, wherein users simply type the name of the program and the time and channel it is on will appear, much like using a search engine but catered exclusively to TV shows. Users can also type in a keyword and relevant content will also be displayed as search results.

Source: HD Guru

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