Google to Open Physical Retail Stores?

Looks like Google is taking a step forward into becoming a full-fledged electronic hardware provider.

PC magazine has reported one of the biggest rumors swirling last week: that Google is planning to open its own retail store. Citing a “few unknown sources,” the search engine giant might be shopping for spaces around the United States to build their stand-alone shops where it would sell more Google products. The company already offers its Nexus smartphones and tablets online, but seeing the devices in the flesh before purchasing them is a different experience.

The report even hints that Google might also be bringing its augmented-reality glasses onto its shelves.

The move makes sense, as Apple and Microsoft already have retail stores of their own. Meanwhile, Google has been testing the retail waters with some “store-within-a-store” setups on selected Best Buy locations across the US.

Whether these rumors would be true have yet to be confirmed, especially since Google’s vice president of product management, Sameer Samat, said in December that the company has no intentions to “open up an official retail presence.”

Source: PC Magazine

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