Is Google in on the Smartwatch Battle, too?

It appears like giant tech companies are gearing up in debuting smartwatch of their own. After an executive for Samsung confirmed they are developing a wrist device, the buzz is that Google is also doing just that.

According to a blog post in The Financial Times, Google’s smartwatch is allegedly being developed as we speak. The article also notes that Google’s Android unit is all hands in developing the smartwatch, instead of the its uber-secret X Lab that brought us Google Glass and driverless cars.

“This is telling because it means that, unlike Google Glass, the company may be looking to get a consumer product out to users on a speedier timeline,” says Dara Kerr of CNET.

The Financial Times has also revealed that Google actually filed a patent application for a “smart watch” back in 2011. The patent features a wrist-worn device with dual-screened display, as well as an interactive user interface.

Apart from Samsung and Google, Apple has also been rumored to be developing its own smartwatch. The company behind the iPhone and iPad has yet to comment on that matter.

It should be noted that smartwatches are nothing entirely new. Similar devices from smaller companies have been launched into the market these past years, from fitness bands, smartwatches, or a hybrid of the two. Examples include the Pebble wristwatch and the Casio G Shock bluetooth-connected wristwatch.

Source: The Financial Times, via CNET

Image source: Adrian Maciburko

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