WhatsApp and Google Reportedly in Acquisition Talks

Word on the street is that Google is planning to acquire cross-platform application WhatsApp. A report from Digital Trends claims that the two have talking for “four or five weeks,” citing their source who claims to have insider knowledge of the negotiations.

The source adds that WhatsApp has been “playing hardball” and was able to push the acquisition price to almost $1 billion.

One of the most popular messaging apps for mobile users, WhatsApp allows users to send messages and media files to friends and family who have the app installed, whether they are using iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry. The app also allows cross-platform texting without having to shell out money for the SMS.

Back in January, WhatsApp announced that its users sent over 7 billion inbound messages on New Year’s Eve, while 11 billion outbound messages were sent during the same time period. That milestone broke WhatsApp’s previous one-day record of 10 billion total messages.

Although it is debatable whether WhatsApp would be worth the $1 billion, it is quite likely it would be acquired with that rate. Remember that Facebook paid that same price when it bought Instagram. Back then, everybody thought the price was too high but looking at how Instagram remains the popular go-to place for sharing photos makes the high price worth it.

Google and WhatsApp have yet to release a statement regarding this story.

Source: Digital Trends, via CNET

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