Google Maps on Apple iPhone

The iPhone sure has made quite a buzz last year. This year, the company that made the iPhone is really intent to keep that buzz up. It seems that Apple is trying to find some ways in making their new baby even better and more appealing to consumers. They are planning to do this by providing a new software update for it.

Apple has recently announced that it is going to provide a free software update for its iPhone handset that would allow its users to find their location automatically by using a redesigned "Maps" application. "Maps" has been one of the most popular and helpful applications featured on the iPhone. With the iPhone Software v1.1.3 update, it gets even better. The updated iPhone will now have the capability of helping the user finding his or her location automatically. This is done by letting the iPhone triangulate a user’s position by using Wi-Fi base stations or cellular towers nearby. This feature can further be used to aid in finding local points as well as for directions.

There is more that the software update will offer present iPhone users. The software update will also allow users to create personal icons or Web Clips that will take them directly to their favorite websites. Users may also be able to customize their home screen by reposition the icon as they see fit. The software update can also allow iPhone users to watch movies rented from the new iTunes Movie Rentals on their phones.

The software update will also add a feature that will allow iPhone users to send an SMS message to a multiple number of people in one operation. With the iPhone able to save a history of a user’s sent messages, it is easier to send an SMS message to the same group the next time. The software update download for the iPhone is available for free via the iTunes 7.5 or later to all existing iPhone users. Newer iPhone products coming from the factory will already have the software update installed.

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