Google Maps App for iOS Back with a Vengeance

Thank the heavens the rumors are true! Google has released its Maps app for iOS after Apple dumped its erstwhile default navigation application in favor of its own, crappy maps app.

Google Maps native app for iOS has been built from the ground up, bringing a whole new experience compared to previous usages of the app. There is the new swipe gestures to open menus, as well as displaying more details as soon as you open the app.

This version of Google Maps, however, has stripped off features you have seen in other platforms. It does not provide biking directions; there is no offline mode, although routes can be cached onto the device; no indoor maps; or even Google Offers.

Google has even released a brand new software development kit (SDK), so developers can look for ways of integrating Google Maps into their own apps.

Google Maps for iOS is currently compatible to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It is now available for free in Apple App Store in more than 40 countries and 29 languages.

Source: Google Blog, via TechCrunch

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