Google launches first Project Ara conference

Google's Project Ara officially unveiled

Google's Project Ara officially unveiled

Google has formally announced its Project Ara, which aims to develop modular smartphones that consumers can assemble from individual parts, through a developer conference held Tuesday.

In Google’s ideal world, hardware modules like flat blocks for camera or blood-sugar monitor would be available in an “app store” of sorts, much like its own Google Play for software apps. These modules would be fitted into a metal phone endoskeleton, which the company calls Project Ara, and they are held together by magnets.

Project Ara by Google

Each module performs a particular task. One block works as the phone’s antenna, another one would be the device’s battery or camera or fitness monitor. Google would develop the design of the Project Ara endoskeleton, while third-party developers would design the modules.

Google plans to offer entry-level modular phones, which contain the most basic of functions, that would cost about $50 to manufacture. The tech company is also developing an online marketplace that offer additional modules, so consumers can modify their phones with new functionalities from monitoring the user’s heartbeat to lighting his cigarette.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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