Google Launches Chromebook Pixel Touch-Screen Laptop

Google has unveiled its first touch-screen laptop that runs on its own Chrome operating system. The new high-end laptop, called the Chromebook Pixel, was designed and built by Google in collaboration with a hardware manufacturer in Taiwan.

The search engine giant has been pushing hard on churning physical devices, especially after acquiring Motorola Mobility to develop Google’s smartphones and tablets.

The Chromebook Pixel boots up in just a few seconds and comes with 32GB of storage on the WiFi-only model (the LTE version has 64GB), as well as 1TB of cloud storage via Google Drive. This 12.85-inch laptop features an Intel Core i5 processor, an improved touch pad and keyboard, and what Google claims to be the “highest resolution screen that’s ever been shipped on a laptop.”

Google’s hardware have been hit-and-miss. The Nexus Q, Google’s media-streaming device, was quickly pulled out of Google’s online shelves after it was unveiled last year due to questions about its $299 price tag and usefulness.

The Pixel is now on sale, costing $1,299 for the WiFi-only version and $1,449 for the version that comes with WiFi and LTE connectivity options. The latter version will go on sale in April, with Verizon offering special wireless plans for Pixel owners.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Image source: CNET

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