Google Glass XE 12 update lets you take photos by winking

Google Glass XE 12 update

Google Glass XE 12 update

Google has announced a major update for its Glass wearable computing device. The Google Glass XE 12 update, among other things, allows the device to take pictures just by winking with your right eye.

Before the announcement, members of Google Glass Explorers could take photos by tapping on the device’s right side, where the camera is housed. This functionality is supposed to assure the people around the user that the Glass is not snapping or recording images without their knowledge.

Users can also take photos by winking before the update, but it was only possible through third-party apps. Using a more discreet gesture like a wink could raise privacy issues against Google Glass.

Apart from making the Glass a more desirable tool for creeps, the Google Glass XE 12 update also enables the device to work with iOS via MyGlass for iOS app. Explorers can also record Hangouts, send text messages, chats, and even video calls from your head. Glass-equipped YouTubers would be delighted to know they can upload videos recorded from the device directly to YouTube. The update also includes an update over at Glassware for Google Play Music, now enabling users to navigate by playlists or even radio stations. The latter option is only applicable to All Access subscribers.

Google did not forget about ironing out the security kinks before the Google Glass XE 12 update is released. Explorers can now have the option to set a screen lock, which would turn on once you take the Glass off or deactivate it.

The update also comes with its share of fallouts. For instance, text messages will no longer have that obnoxious “Sent Through Glass” signature at the end, but it would still appear on outgoing emails. The Guest Mode is also getting the axe. Google recommends those with shared Glass to either give it away freely or create a demo account.

Source: Engadget

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