Google Glass to Reject Facial Recognition Apps

Google Glass has yet to become available to the general public, but many people have been concerned about how this wearable gadget would ensure that the privacy of non-users is not violated. One possible scenario is how Google Glass would utilize facial recognition technology to snoop upon personal details of the people surrounding the user.

Google has finally lifted its veil of silence regarding the usage of facial recognition technology. In a post on Google+ just recently, the company said it will not approve any app that features facial recognition functions, at least for now.

The online juggernaut added that they “won’t add facial recognition features to our products without having strong privacy protections in place.” Google also stressed that this is not an entirely new policy, as seen at how Steve Lee, Google Glass’ direcor of product management, has said the same sentiment two weeks ago.

The difference between today and two weeks ago, however, is that Google has specifically referred to third-party apps in its Google+ post. Not allowing apps that feature facial recognition is an addition to Google’s list of restrictions on apps for Google Glass.

Other sources have added that Google will also reject apps from turning off the Glass’ display when taking a photo, in order for people to spot whether the user is taking a photo of them, as well as apps that contain “hate speech, gambling, and explicit material.”

However, it may not discourage some people from hacking into the Glass, which Google has encouraged, and develop procedures and mechanisms that both the company and the people surrounding the Google Glass user would frown upon.

Source: Google Glass on Google+, via The Verge

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