Google Glass expanded beta test available in US

Google Glass now available for expanded beta testing

Google Glass now available for expanded beta test

If you reside in the United States and you have $1,500 to spare, you can now avail a Google Glass. In an article posted on Google’s official blog, the device is currently in expanded beta test mode.

The announcement comes after selling the wearable computer for just one day last month. It was selling like hot cakes, Google almost ran out of stock and has since built its inventory for its expanded beta test, with an aim to beef up its Explorers program. The company also said a consumer version of the device is expected to be shipped later this year.

Google started its Explorers program along with its Glass launch about two years ago, which aims to gather data and reactions from early adopters of the device so Google would be able to refine and improve on both hardware and software.

Buyers would also be able to choose their color, earbud type, and frame style (including an option for people wearing prescription glasses).

Source: CNN Money

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