Google Glass to come with Ray-Ban and Oakley versions

Google Glass Ray-Ban and Oakley editions coming soon

Google Glass Ray-Ban and Oakley editions coming soon

Google has announced it has forged a partnership with Luxottica, which markets Ray-Ban and Oakley eyewear, for more fashionable versions of Google Glass. The luxury company will collaborate with Google in incorporating the head-mounted device with its well-known brands.

Using two high-end brands with completely different aesthetics shows that Google wants to make Google Glass accessible to a more general audience. Ray-Ban is an American classic that still adheres to its decades-old styles, while Oakley is known for its futuristic designs.

The announcement comes after Google revealed a prescription-lens version of the wearable device, fueling speculations that the tech company plans on offering fashionable frames for Glass.

Availability of these luxury editions of Google Glass is not yet finalized, although a statement on Glass’ official blog suggests it may be sold in Luxottica’s retail and wholesale distribution channels. As for the cost, the integration with Ray-Ban and Oakley would likely make the $1,500 gadget even more expensive. (That is, if Glass will ever be released in the market.)

Source: Mashable

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