Google Gives In, Plans to Limit Free News Content

Google limits access to free news content

The planned pull out of News Corp. online content from Google has become unbearable as the search engine giant plans to limit the number of online news articles the readers can view for free.  Google News will provide a limit of up to five news stories per day from some sources.

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch has been a staunch critic of Google‘s unlimited access to news content, claiming that Google and other companies have been profiting from the work of others.

However, not everyone in the media is buying Murdoch’s argument.  In an interview with BBC International Radio, Emily Bell-the director of digital content of United Kingdom’s The Guardian-said that such practice has been done even in the early years of mass media.

"Every news corporation aggregates.  There’s a very strong case that the 20th Century version of Google was newspaper.  We all look at other people’s stories, events, etc.  We aggregate them into one place and sell them on to the public."

Even the interviewer agreed.  "There wouldn’t be many radio news programs if we didn’t read your newspapers either," he told Bell.

Image source:  Google

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