Google eBooks Now Available

After attempting to tap into the TV market with its Google TV service, the search engine giant is taking on a new industry to dominate: E-Books. The company has recently launched Google eBooks, which used to be known as Google Editions, which combines the good things about the top e-book providers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple.

All the books the users bought are stored in the cloud, while your reading progress is synced similarly to Whispersync, and can be read on your choice of Android, iPhone, or iPad apps; from a web browser; or on any device that supports Adobe Digital Editions DRM and ePub files. This would include the B&N Nook and the Sony Reader.

Apart from the usual paid e-books, Google also offers a vast array of public domain books, with up to 3 million free titles. In fact, all Google users may have two or three free books already stored in their account. Mine has Frankenstein, as well as Pride and Prejudice.

The Google eBooks service is currently available in United States. Other countries may have to wait a bit.

Source: Engadget

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