Google Developing Own Android Phone

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Google is now trying to further create a market for Android in the mobile market. Not only is it getting mobile phone manufacturers to carry its Android Os on their phones, Google is even trying to partner up with one that will make a Google smart phone for them. Yes, Google is also venturing into making their own smart phone and it will be pretty crazy.

According to a Google Mobile blog entry, Google has developed an experimental smart phone running on Android. They then handed it to a bunch of Google employees to play with the new and innovative mobile features just to see what works and what doesn’t. According to various people, the new Google experimental smart phone was developed by phone maker HTC and was named Nexus One.

To say that it will be just to experiment on the Android would be downplaying it. What people believe is that Google is actually making its own Android phone that it will be selling under its own brand, so to speak. Some online rumors say that this new Google phone would be out sometime in January of 2010.

With what Google may have said on its blog about developing its own smart phone and what the rumors going about may be suggesting, it would be safe to say that we would be having the first Google smart phone out next year. It may just become the next great competitor of the more popular Apple iPhone. This is aside from continuing its battle for supremacy in the online search market among other things. Google is really trying to get into almost everything nowadays that it’s scary.


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