Google and Verizon Lied; Deal to Compromise Net Neutrality Announced

Liar liar, pants on fire.

After denying the allegations of their sweetheart deal that would compromise Internet neutrality, Google and Verizon announced that they are indeed intend to create a codified framework that–if lawmakers will approve–would regulate the Net a little more forcefully, such as the wholesale exclusion of wireless Internet from any sort of net neutrality controls.

The framework includes the following: supporting the openness guidelines of the FCC; establishing measures to prevent a so-called “tiered” Internet from arising on current net infrastructure; requiring ISPs to be upfront to its customers on how they handle their data; making the FCC the sole arbiter in regulating the Internet; giving ISPs the power to offer “additional, differentiated online services, in addition to Internet access and video services”‘ the wholesale exemption of wireless broadband from any of these proposals; and promoting the idea that broadband access for all Americans is in the “national interest.”

Some of the proposals, according to tech experts, appear to be a precedent for the creation of a “Second Internet,” where certain ISP will be allowed to offer “additional, differentiated online services.” For instance, subscribers of a particular ISP would get exclusive access to certain websites and services. The same companies could also decide on which content would move fast or should be slowed down.

“It’s the fracturing of the Internet before your very eyes,” wrote Nicholas Deleon of CrunchGear. “Regulating the wired Internet is like enforcing safety standards on steam ships. You can, I suppose, devote resources to doing so, but it seems slightly out of place.

“Yeah, it was fun for a while, but this does seem to be the beginning of the end of the Internet as we know it.”

Let’s see how this develops in the coming days.

Source: CrunchGear

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