Google Acquires Modu Patents for US$4.9 Million

Back in the day, there used to be a modular cell phone brand in Israel called Modu. The company made small cell phones that can be slipped into different sleeves so it can perform different actions and functions. It was picked up by a handful of carriers, but sad to say Modu declared bankruptcy, leaving its employees unpaid and its creditors shaking their heads.

But last May 20, it has been announced that Google has bought Modu’s patent portfolio to the tune of US$4.9 million. The tech media begin to speculate what the software giant is planning to do. Some say it might resuscitate the long-forgotten phones, while others guess Google might incorporate Modu’s technology into upcoming Android versions. Another group, meanwhile, thinks that it could all be just a case of collecting patents to defend Android against the numerous IP suits being hurled their way. It could also be the reason why the search engine beast is trying to acquire a number of Nokia patents.

Whatever the reason, let’s hope something good would come out of it, at least in a consumer perspective.

Source: BGR

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