Google Accuses Bing of Cheating

A Google official has made a bold claim that Bing is cheating by imitating its search results from the widely popular search engine. Google Fellow Amit Singhal proves this claim through a process they call the “Bing Sting.”

First, look for a search term that would yield no matches on both Google and Bing, like typing very random letters. Then, make a “honeypot” page (also known as a trap) on Google using that search term and have around 20 people make the same search using Internet Explorer with both Suggested Sites and the Bing Toolbar activated, with all of them clicking the top link. Repeat the process for two weeks and, according to Singhal, these honeypot results would appear on Bing

However, can such process be called “cheating,” as Singhal specifically claim? Although the Bing Toolbar and the Suggested Search feature are used to collect data and improve Bing services, doing the Bing Sting using popular search terms do return different results. Also, it is not as if Bing is using private information, but it can be accused of taking an unfair shortcut. What is your take on this?

Source: Engadget

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