Goofiest Games Gears: BOT Accessories


One of the cutest, albeit goofy accessories Nintendo came up with was R.O.B. or Robotic Operating Buddy.

R.O.B. was Japan’s ticket to get gaming consoles back in store shelves and homes after the video game crash of 1983.

R.O.B. was first released in July 1985 in Japan as the Famicon Robot. It was released later that same year in North America as R.O.B.

This little robot receives commands through optical flashes in the screen. Once it’s lit, R.O.B. can receive 6 commands. Like the NES Zapper, R.O.B. only works properly with a CRT-type TV.

R.O.B. shift weights and hit buttons to help gamers advance in the game.

Unfortunately this little innovation had a short-lived gaming existence and had support for only two games: Gyromite and Stack-up. But it sure did make many little boys happy.

Image source: Wikipedia

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