Goofiest Game Gear Ever Made: Sega 32X

Sega genesis 32x

Weird game consoles aside (read: Nintendo Virtual Boy which looked like cross between a grill and a studio camera), Sega certainly top the list of "most things you can do to upgrade your game console".

Perhaps Sega had a "throw nothing out" policy back then. We’ll never know. But they certainly had a fun run with their never-ending upgrade solutions.

Sega Genesis owners were able to upgrade to CD-ROM and use both cartridges and CDs, thanks to the upgrade Sega did. Gamers only had to dock their old Genesis into a Sega CD system. And just to make sure they have everything covered, Sega made another upgrade available for your old Sega console: the Genesis 32X. The 32X needed its own power supply, and was plugged in through the cartridge slot. It improved the few games that came out for it, and not much else.

To enjoy the "benefits" of the 32X, you needed all three Sega systems: Genesis, CD and 32X, which basically meant that you needed several extension leads to power your gaming session.

So much for throwing nothing out.

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