Goldtouch Rockstick 2 Mouse

Goldtouch Rockstick 2 MouseThe computer mouse has not gone through a lot of changes in terms of design. Although there have been certain improvements such as more ergonomic designs and other convenient features, general functions are still generally similar. They do offer many advantages for the computer user. But the exact same problems and complaints about them still linger because of this. There are now other makers who venture to change the way people look and use the computer mouse. The new Goldtouch Rockstick 2 Mouse may be included in this list.

The new Goldtouch Rockstick 2 Mouse may be a uniquely designed mouse for people who take a first glance at it. This mouse also functions a bit differently from a typical mouse. The makers call it a vertical mouse where users assume a handshake position when using it. This helps alleviate the hand and wrist fatigue most mouse users feel with prolonged use. It also comes with two interchangeable grip that makes the mouse ideal for both left- and right-handed users.

One of the unique features of the Goldtouch Rockstick 2 Mouse is the way users rocking the mouse left or right for clicking instead of using the fingers. This allows users to use the entire hand instead of just putting the pressure on the fingers to activate clicking, resulting in a more comfortable experience. The new Goldtouch Rockstick 2 Mouse will be available in both wired and wireless versions. Pricing details have not yet been provided.
Image Source: PR Newswire

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