GoldenEye 007 for Wii Gets a Retro Controller

With the revival of GoldenEye 007 over at the Nintendo Wii, Activision is providing an added value to the gamers who played and loved the James Bond video game when it was launched on Nintendo N64 by unveiling a limited-edition Classic Controller Pro. It takes the shape of old-school N64 controller, bringing users back to yesteryears playing the way it was meant to be played. (If only the game brought back Pierce Brosnan as James Bond instead of Daniel Craig then it would have been a total nostalgia.) But instead of being painted in standard black, the Classic Controller Pro comes in gold color just like Bond’s Golden Gun.

The Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro comes with the “Classic Edition” game for US$69.99. That’s an additional charge of $20 over the software alone. It is unclear, however, if the controller can be bought on its own.

Source: MMOMFG, via Engadget

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