Apple to unveil gold-colored iPhone 5S?

Gold-colored iPhone 5S shell

Gold-colored iPhone 5S shell

Apple is being innovative again, apparently. A French-based repair shop displays alleged images of a gold-colored iPhone 5S shell. Rumors about a gold-painted iPhone 5S have been making its rounds, lead by KGI analyst Ming-chi Kuo, who also happens to be a frequent tipster for AppleInsider.

Kuo also predicted the next-generation iPhone would come with a 128GB storage option, which is double the space of iPhone 5’s most premium version. Other than that, the iPhone 5S will have many of the features already available in the iPhone 5, including the 4-inch touch screen.

The upcoming iPhone will sport a new A7 processor, 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM, all laid out on propriety ARMv8-based architecture, which will reportedly increase efficiency by up to 20 percent. The home button will allegedly be made of sapphire glass.

Meanwhile, there are doubts whether this is an actual gold-colored iPhone 5S casing, considering how MacBoutic erased all logos. On the other hand, some sectors believe the golden shell does not look like some aftermarket project. There may also be a tweaked rear-facing camera, using a larger f2.0 aperture lens with dual LED flashes, although its sensor unit will remain the same as the iPhone 5.

“The hue extends to normally inaccessible parts of the phone, for example,” wrote Jon Fingas for Engadget. “As a result, we won’t be surprised if we see a flashy gold iPhone at Apple’s rumored September 10th event.”

Source: AppleInsider, via Engadget

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