Gogo app to offer inflight calling and texting

Gogo app enables airplane passengers to call and text .

Gogo app enables airplane passengers to call and text .

The FAA has recently laid its decision to allow air passengers to use their mobile devices even during boarding and landing, but the governing body remains defiant about voice calls and text messages. One company plans to make air travelers overcome that hurdle.

Gogo, a company involved in providing inflight WiFi services, reveals that it plans on making voice calls and SMS messages during flights possible. The upcoming Gogo app utilizes the company’s own WiFi network to route phone calls and texts instead of accessing cellular networks. These calls and messages are then sent to CDMA and satellite-based systems to send them to their respective recipients. It is similar to how VoIP apps like Viber and Skype work.

The Gogo app would be available for Android and iOS devices. The app, along with the inflight services, are expected to be launched on the first quarter of 2014. However, not every airline would allow people to talk on their phones despite the availability of the Gogo WiFi system. Also Gogo blocks Skype and other apps that consume a lot of bandwidth.

The company shied away from revaeling the actual debut date of the new inflight service. Gogo, also, did not say whether the price of inflight WiFi would would be introduced before or after booking a flight.

Source: GigaOm

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