Gogic Player Robot Kit

gogic robot

Robots used to exist only in sci-fi films. Today, however, manufacturers are developing models after models of robots. It is only a matter of time before robots become part of our everyday lives. For now, most robots are designed as toys. One of the cutest robots available in the market today is the Gogic Robot.

This Japanese robot from Elekit is a cute little one with a funny walking style. The Gogic player DIY robot kit sports five servo-motor controls as well as programming capabilities, which allow it to sit and walk. Powered by standard batteries 006P (9V) x 1, AA x 4, the Robot’s assembly time is around three to four hours. The Gogic Player Robot Kit also features serial port on computer for programming and universal TV remote control, (not included). Compatible OS: PC with Windows XP.

The best thing about this cool robot is that it transforms into a racer! Move over, BumbleBee. With the optional Gogic Racer Kit, the Gogic robot can automatically transform from a talking, walking robot to a four-on-the-floor car. A robot that is able to stomp out your attentive juices and back over you to complete the job is very much worthy of attention. You can buy the Gogic player robot kit for $499.99 on Gizmine.

Image Source: Gizmine

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