GoBiz i-Microphone Review

CrunchGear put up a comprehensive review on the GoBiz i-Microphone, which works as a microphone attachment to improve audio recording quality of smartphones. With podcasters and audiobook authors choosing smartphones over other types of recording device because of its convenience and portability, there is a need for a low-cost microphone attachment that would provide a clearer, more audible recorded sound.

The GoBiz i-Microphone costs only US$25 and can instantly turn most smartphones into a professional recording device. CrunchGear tested the device on iPhone 3G and Motorola Droid and based on its trials, the GoBiz i-Microphone shows a marked improvement in volume, although the overall sound quality may suffer because of its omnidirectional orientation. The review recommends tweaking the recorded files with audio software like Audacity, but do not dare record with this device while in a crowded area because even the best software could not produce a better result.

Source: CrunchGear

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