Go Camping In Style With The Treepod

portable shelter

portable shelterPeople who go outdoors come prepared for a variety of things. While creature comforts are not always above the bare essentials, every bit of luxury is welcomed, as long as it does not have that much of an effect on the general experience. The type of portable shelter is just one of them. The unique Treepod may be something that some may find comforting enough for their next camping trip.
The Treepod is a unique outdoor portable shelter that is a cross between a tent and a hammock. If you are going camping somewhere with trees as a given, then this may be a good alternative for a tent. It is easier to setup since you only need to hang it from a sturdy branch of your favorite tree to sleep under. The Treepod can support up to 400 pounds of weight, thanks to its lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame. It also comes with a UV- and water resistant body with mesh windows and a retractable ladder for convenient access.
The Treepod may be a good alternative for a tent for kids while going on a camping trip. It is also the tent that those who do not like ground critters may prefer. Considering that it is hanging, some people no longer have to imagine of nocturnal creatures creeping up on them while they sleep. It even makes an instant treehouse for those camping in the backyard. The Treepod is available at the Amazon for $270.
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