Gmail Now Offers VoIP Service

Google has announced that they cooking up a new feature that allows users to make voice calls straight from their Gmail. Google Voice, or “Call from Gmail,” will provide full phone calls using VoIP technology. It is expected to be a delightful addition to Gmail apart from its Google Chat.

It works by having incoming calls pop up as chat windows in Gmail, or ring in any Google Voice-equipped phone, while press the “Call Phone” button on the top of the chat window to make outbound calls. Uses can also screen incoming calls or send them to voicemail with simple commands.

However, international calls comes with a price. A call from San Francisco to a Paris landline, for instance, would cost US$0.02 a minute. Calls to international mobile devices would cost considerably more. Meanwhile, calls to landline phones in US and Canada are free of charge. Google will sell its own call credits through Google Checkout. Google Voice is now available for Gmail users in the United States and will provide the service to international users eventually.

Source: Official Google Blog;, via Engadget

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