Gmail Introduces Priority Inbox, Aims to De-Clutter

It appears that Google is not yet done with giving Gmail an overhaul. After adding a voice call service a la Skype, Gmail users can now be able to organize their cluttered inbox with Priority Inbox, which is intended to push your most important e-mails to the top of the inbox list and keep them there, above and away from a flood of Facebook notifications, newsletters, and chain mail.

Gmail users can see the Priority Inbox link on the top-right hand corner of their account. Clicking on the link introduces them on what this new feature is about, complete with a comprehensible video presentation. It gives you the option to go right ahead with the new set-up or keep your inbox the way it is used to be.

With the Priority Inbox, Gmail determines which messages are important to you using an algorithm based on different factors such as the identity of the sender, whether they have opened messages previously sent by the same sender, as well as those they have replied, key phrases in the messages, and whether the e-mail was sent to an individual or a group of people. Consider the Priority Inbox as a spam filter for legitimate e-mails working simultaneously with Gmail’s already strong spam catcher. Users can even personalize their priority inboxes by clicking “more important” or “less important” in a message.

Judging from my first attempt at Gmail’s priority inbox using my own account, it appears that this new feature on Google Mail shows much promise.

Source: CNN

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