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Google has joined the field of mobile Web mail with the release of Gmail for mobile devices. You can now access your Gmail account on your mobile. Just download the Gmail mobile Java file at, install the application on your supported device, and you can now retrieve your Gmail inbox with just a push of a button.

Google claims that using the mobile version loads up to five times faster than when accessing Gmail using your phone’s browser. This is because Google optimized the interface of the Gmail application depending on the mobile device used.

Once you start up the application on your mobile, you only need to enter your username and password on the welcome screen and in seconds, your emails start coming in. Browsing through emails is also more efficient, providing less clicks and scrolls than most mobile browser would normally make use of. There is a Menu button which allows you to easily reply, forward, compose mail, search mail, mark mail unread, view details, and conveniently report spam.

You don’t have to worry about mixing up your Gmail account, as it remains synchronized whether you’ll be accessing it from a PC or a mobile phone. For example, if you send an email using a mobile phone, you can also view it at the Sent Items folder on your PC.

Another nifty feature of the Gmail mobile application is that it can open attachments in your email. These include images, word documents, and PDF files. What’s great is that you don’t need a compatible reader installed in your mobile phone to view these files. With sufficient phone memory, Gmail can automatically convert these into a format that suits your mobile. If you have contact numbers on your Gmail Contacts list, you can also reply to their messages by giving a call.

Google’s Gmail for mobile devices is a great application, allowing its users to access their mails and get information, anytime and anywhere. Like the desktop Gmail, the mobile version is also free of charge. But don’t forget to consider charges from your wireless service provider.

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