Glow Laser Headphones

Glow Laser HeadphonesListening to music is a daily habit for many people. Some do it to relax while some do it to block out outside noise so they can do their job. But for most of the others, listening to music is just pure enjoyment. And if you ever like to listen to music during the evenings with friends. This Glow Laser Headphones will even make you look cool.

The Glow Headphones is a simple and yet interesting idea. It may look like a typical earphones in terms of design. But what it does is something you do not yet see in other similar headphones. First off, the Glow is the world’s first laser headphones. Yes, you got that right. This earphones glow with laser light. Not only that, the Glow is also marketed as a smart headphone. It has the ability to pulse out the laser light according to the beat of the music you are listening to. It can even pulse to the beat of your heart.

The Glow Laser Headphones also comes with earbuds powered by a dual balanced armature drivers for crystal clear audio. The earbuds are ergonomically designed to fit into the natural contour of your ears for comfort. It also comes with integrated controls that help make it easy for you to go through and play your favorite music files, they also are fully compatible for use with popular Android as well as iOS apps. You can also use the controls to snap a photo to a connected smartphone and access Google Now for making voice commands among other added features. The center button on the Glow Headphones where the glowing wires intersect also acts as the mic and button for taking or hanging up phone calls. The Glow Laser Headphones are currently going through a Kickstarter campaign that has already reached its target with still about more than a month to go. You may still be able to get one as an early adopter of this smart headphones by donating $149. Expected delivery of the headphones is on July of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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