Glow Flow Tap

Glow Flow Tap

Wouldn’t you like to make your everyday trip to the tap more interesting? Not that it’s really necessary, but if you do then the Glow Flow Tap is perfect for you.

Glow Flow Tap makes use of internal LEDs and temperature sensor that illuminates your water stream into either a cool electric blue for cold, or a warm red for hot.

The Glow Flow tap can be easily fitted into most taps. Simply screw it on to your ordinary tap using the included universal adapters. Everything is activated by the water pressure so you won’t have to go look for a switch. And presto! Colorful water.

Now you can pretend to be space dwelling folks and pretend to drink alien liquids! Which is absolutely unnecessary for the unadventurous soul.

But seriously though, the Glow Flow tap can actually be useful. Just ask anybody who has kids. With the Glow Flow Tap, the children now have some kind of temperature gauge that may save their young mouths from being scalded. The really shiny colors might also encourage your kids to brush their teeth and hands more. Might even work for you, too. Just pretend your in the Enterprise bathroom.

The Glow Flow Tap is available online for $22.10

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