Glo-Toob Multi Purpose Light Lights You Up In Style

multi purpose light

multi purpose lightGlow sticks are common fixtures in concerts and other gatherings. They liven up the usually dark surroundings to create its own spectacle. But these glow sticks glow for a short time and are used for leisure and fun. This new Glo-Toob Multi Purpose Light however, lights you up in style.

The Glo-Toob Multi Purpose Light is a long lasting LED light source that is viewable for 360 degrees. It can provide up to 30 hours of lighting per battery. It is small and can fit into your pocket, making it ideal for use in many situations and not just in concerts or sports event. The light is encased in a tough exterior that makes it waterproof and virtually indestructible. The Glo-Toob Multi-Purpose Light is ideal for camping, during emergencies, and in other extreme outdoor situations. Available in four glowing colors, the Glo-Toob Multi Purpose Light is available at Amazon for $21.

Image Source: Amazon


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